Shasky Farms • (209) 389 0430 • 11492 East Savana Road, Le Grand CA 95333

Shasky Farms • (209) 389 0430 • 11492 East Savana Road, Le Grand CA 95333

Our Farm


The roots of Shasky Farms were planted in the 1940s when Alva and Winona Parker moved from Arizona to the small farming community of Le Grand, California. All four sons went off to serve their country during the Second World War. Wanting to give them a piece of land and the opportunity to return to the beautiful San Joaquin Valley, the Parkers purchased the property that is now the home to Shasky Farms.


After the war, Dick and one of his brothers settled into tending the land. Dick soon married Mickie and they began to raise their family. Being a teacher, Mickie had summers to grow a vegetable garden, can the fruit from the family orchard, and pursue her passion for flowers. The Parker Ranch started with row crop farming, but soon converted to almond and walnut orchards. Two children & several cousins were raised on the Parker Ranch. During the summers even more cousins showed up to spend time on the farm - some to work, and others, just to enjoy the richness the land had to offer.


Dick and Mickie’s daughter Mary met and married Jim Shasky. They worked together building a farming, cattle, and thriving bee business. In the mid 1970’s, they left California to try their hand at cattle ranching in eastern Oregon. By the mid 1990’s, the call of the land brought them back to Le Grand. They moved back to the farm to assist Mary’s aging parents in the day-to-day operation of the business. By this time, Jim and Mary’s three children were veteran farmhands having spent many summers helping Grandma and Grandpa Parker. Eldest son Adam was off to college at San Luis Obispo majoring in Agriculture, and Tom was going to school and working. Daughter Carrie was finishing high school and as part of her FFA project she and her dad planted a few fruit trees to add to the already successful walnut and almond business. Shortly after planting those first trees, Carrie followed in her brother's footsteps, attending Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.


All three of the Shasky children eventually moved back to the farm. The handful of fruit trees that started as an FFA project had by this time turned into 13 acres with more than 110 varieties, and the Shasky Farms farmers’ market venture had begun. Today, Adam and his wife Stacy live and work on the farm with their two sons, Tristan and Spencer. In the summer or 2009 Stacy and Jim started making and packaging candy in response to the falling prices of nuts. Tom, with his daughters Ariana, Grace and Aubrie ,and wife Ella can be seen all throughout the summer selling fruit and nuts throughout the valley.