Welcome to Shasky Farms

Local Produce in California's Central Valley

Shasky Farms is located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, on the east side of Merced County. The 4th generation is farming, but their kids are the 5th generation to live on the farm - 13 acres of fruit, and about 80 acres of walnuts, almonds and red walnuts. Mariposa Creek, which delivers life-sustaining irrigation water from the Yosemite snowmelt, forms the eastern border of the property.

With over 110 varieties of fruit, there is always plenty to do during the summer months. One of our favorite family activities is to check the ripening fruit in the evening and taste test our way through the orchard.

Our farmers’ market acres include 13 acres of an endless variety of stone fruits and citrus that supplies our market customers with fresh fruit year round.

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Shasky Farms • 11492 East Savana Road, Le Grand, CA 95333
Ph. (209) 389-0430 • Web www.ShaskyFarms.com